How to buy

How to buy and most frequently asked questions
1.- What is Subasta Habana?
It is the auction house of Cuban plastic arts. From the year 2002, it has presented artworks by the most prestigious national artists of all time. The professional team in Subasta Habana also puts at your disposal a Virtual Gallery throughout the year.
2.- How to register at the Subasta a Viva Voz (Oral Bid Auction)? (*)
There are two modes of registration:
1.- Through our website in Subasta a Viva Voz in Puja Privada (Private Bid)
2.- At Galería Habana, Línea No. 460, Vedado, Havana, from October 26th - 31st, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
3.- Sancti Spiritus Hall at the National Hotel, on O St. and 21, Vedado, Havana, from October 27th and until November 1st, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
3.1- At Taganana Hall, National Hotel, on the auction sale day. The registration fee is 25.00€ and it includes the auction’s catalogue, the participant identification card, the auction’s paddle and the Welcoming Cocktail Party. Registration is personal and not transferable. For clients’ security and privacy reasons, Subasta Habana will reserve the right of admission to the Auction Room.

3.- Is it possible to attend the Oral Bid Auction without been registered?
Only as a guest by courtesy of the Organizing Committee.

4.- Who are the current owners of the artworks that will be sold?
The owners are the authors themselves, collectors and institutions.

5.- How to participate in Subasta Habana?
are different modes:
1.a.- You can travel to Havana and be present. (Refer to question No. 2).
1.b.- Accrediting the person who in your name (in receipt of a prior empowerment) is wished to buy for you at the auction.
2.- You can be represented, for which you should refer to Puja Privada or contact us so Mr. Luis Miret Pérez, vice president of the Organizing Committee and who will act as Director in the Auction Room, represents you.
3.- Through a telephone call made by the Auction House. Refer to Puja Privada.

6.- Can USA citizens buy artworks? How would the payments be made?
A purchase in Subasta Habana, be it at the Virtual Gallery or at the Oral Bid Auction, is made in accordance with the Cuban legislation and without infringing the international regulations governing that practice and those of the e-commerce. The lot sold can be exported from Cuban territory to the country the buyer decides. For the specific case of collectors from the United States of America, it is worth remembering that buying and selling art is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of that country, which consecrates the right to freedom of expression and to the free exchange of ideas. Besides, the amendment made to the Embargo Act passed in 1988 specifies that “publications, films, posters, records, photographs, microfilms, microfiches, recording tapes and other information materials” are exceptions to the Embargo Act.

7.- Can credit cards be used? What kind?
VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS are cards accepted for the payments of the artworks. For any other card you should directly contact the organizers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
. To make payments by other way, it is only acceptable to physically present such card at the offices fitted out for this purpose.
8.- What other forms of payment are accepted?
1-. With a bank transfer through banks that have no US capital.

9.- At what point do I acquire the property of the artwork I bought?
Once the confirmation of payment of the amount you were committed to is received, the artwork will be sent for delivery with its corresponding bill and certificate of authenticity, if there is one. From that moment, you acquire the artwork property. The Auction House will coordinate the production of the necessary packaging.

10.- How long will it take for me to have the artwork in my hands after paying for it?
It will depend on the place you would like to receive it. See: Services.

11.- What options do I have to move the artwork to its final destination?
You can move it yourself  or coordinate its transportation with the organizers of Subasta
Habana. See: Services.

12.- Who is responsible for the artwork insurance once I have bought it?
If you use Subasta Habana’s haulage contractor, that company is responsible for the insurance procedures and you will be previously informed about their cost. If you wish to use this service you should confirm so to the auction’s organizers. If you do not, we will recommend you to verify this aspect with the way you select.

13.- Are patrimonial artworks included?
Subasta Habana House auctions artworks obtained with the authorization of the competent authorities to be sold and bought out of Cuba. A very high percentage of the best of Cuban art can be seen by any visitor at the National Museum of Fine Arts. Another, no less considerable, is found at different Cuban institutions.