All the works in SubastaHabana are endorsed by a Certificate of Authenticity issued by a committee of Cuban experts who ensure their legitimacy, except works made abroad. In the case of living artists, the works are certified by the authors themselves.


Packing and Transportation of Lots


The user to whom a lot is knocked down and formalizes the buying and selling has the guarantee of to withdraw and export the lot from the Cuban territory according to the required permits.

The user to whom a lot is knocked down may engage the baling, transportation and insurance policy services offered by Subasta Habana in order to protect the art work and to the user's satisfaction.

If the user decides it, he may withdraw the knocked down lot, whereby he will assume the baling, transportation and insurance expenses to his account and risk. Once the required payments have been made and the lot has been delivered to the user, will no longer take responsibility for the loss or damage that may be caused to the work. The user will inform by e-mail his decision regarding this point within the 24 hours following the notice of knocked-down lot.